Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

Eyelid Surgery in Melbourne

Here at DermaMed, we specialise in eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, at our reputable clinic in Melbourne. This is a type of cosmetic surgery that alters the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both. As we age, the eyelid skin becomes lax and can overlap the natural eyelid crease, or even hang onto the eyelashes and obstruct vision. You may feel that under eye bags make you look tired even when you are feeling fine. Such eyelid problems can make you look much older than your actual age. The aim of our effective and simple eyelid surgery is to improve the appearance of the skin surrounding the eyes, giving you a rejuvenated look.

Blepharoplasty is a common procedure performed in both men and women performed in both young adults and also older ages. Younger patients may wish to rejuvenate their eyes while older patients are often wishing to remove the curtain that is obscuring their vision. The end result for all patients is rejuvenation of the eyelids, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Blepharoplasty can alter:

Loose or sagging skin that creates folds or disturbs the natural contour of the upper eyelid – this can sometimes affect a person’s vision.  Excess fatty deposits that appear as puffiness beneath the upper eyelid skin,   Bags under the eyes, Droopiness of the lower eyelids, Extra skin and fine wrinkles of the both eyelids.

How long does this procedure take?

The procedure itself takes around one hour and is performed under local anaesthetic. You may have only one set of lids operated upon, or both the upper and the lower lids. Incisions in the upper eyelid are hidden in the natural eyelid lines and creases, and may extend into the fine wrinkles, or “crow’s feet”, at the eyes’ outer edge. Hairline scars will fade and become barely visible within six to eight weeks. For lower eyelid surgery for fat bags only, the incision can be performed from inside the eye so there is no visible scarring at all!

Upper Eyelid Surgery

With upper eyelids, the incision is made in the natural crease or fold that occurs one centimeter above the eyelashes. The incision may extend into the crow’s feet or laugh lines at the outer corners of the eyes. Surgery for the upper eyelid is designed to remove excess skin and fat as needed. After making the incision, the excess skin and muscle is trimmed from the upper eyelid together with any excess fat present. The incisions are then closed with very fine sutures that are removed 7 days later.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

On the lower eyelids, if only fat bags need to be removed, this can be performed from inside the eye (from as the trans-conjunctival approach) so there are no visible scars at all!

If excess skin also needs to be removed, then the external incision starts at the lower lash line, directly underneath the eyelashes and extends to one centimetre or so outward into the crow’s feet area. The overlapping skin is then removed and gently tightened to create a natural-looking result. The incision is then closed with very fine sutures that are removed 7 days later.

Upper and Lower

How long is the recovery time?

Generally, eyelid surgery results in a certain degree of bruising and swelling of the eyelids. Swelling and any discolouration of the eyelids will subside in about 7 days. Final results (including fading of the tiny scar) occurs at 6 – 8 weeks. You will be left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our eyelid surgeons are highly qualified and are among the best in Melbourne.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team. Read more about us and our expertise here.